Class Descriptions




Indoor cycling is a group exercise class performed on stationary bikes. During the class, the instructor simulates hill-climbing, sprints, and races. It is truly a fantastic cardiovascular workout. You will be kept motivated by the instructor, the people around you, and the music.



This fun and easy to follow cardio dance class combines high-energy and motivating Latin music with unique moves and combinations that make you feel like you are partying on the dance floor. Easy to follow, and something everyone can do



An all-levels class ideal for yogis who want to ease into Pilates while staying with a yoga practice. Enjoying the best of both worlds, we explore the precision and control required in the Pilates method, laying a foundation for advancing our practice and building the core strength that inevitably follows, and finding calmness in asana that can enhance the exercises



A regular yoga practice will help transform both your mind and body ultimately helping you find an inner calmness/peace, enhance your balance and stability, and leave you feeling stronger and more centered.



Cardio boxing boot camp that uses real boxing technique and full body exercises that will challenge the fittest gym member.



 A class that will expand your knowledge of boxing and challenge you in a safe environment to test your skills against another person.



In this fun and energetic class you will get all the benefit of the home workout system, with the added benefit of the group motivation to push your limits.


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